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With our Soar Package, we ensure your accounts have high level activity. Our reach is increased up to 10,650 people through ads, you receive more videos and double the consult time, double the email marketing and additional designs such as business cards, t-shirts, mock-ups, banners and more. The package is structured for a client seeking a hands off approach. A very busy visionary, entreprenuer or business owner is a good candidate for this package. We manage your social media accounts to alleviate you from the tasks of developing relevant content, engage with your followers to increase your visibiity and combat the algorithms of FB and/or IG, market your product(s) and/or service(s) through and respond to followers to ensure you maintain a good response rating.  


Busy entreprenuers, CEOs, service providers and realtors are examples of prime candidates for this package.



Setup or evaluate current Facebook, IG and LinkedIn business page structure 

Create strategic 5xs per week posting cycle for both platforms

Manage 3rd party ads with professional targetting

(Reach 4,800 - 14,000 monthly: $50 monthly budget included in total cost)

Share your content with our exclusive social media group list 5xs per week

Engage with your followers (no fake bots)

Includes 4 monthly reels

Create up to two flyers per month and include as posts

Bi-Weekly 30 min debrief and strategy consult

Detailed customizable monthly report for social media platform

Grow client email list and send bi-weekly email campaigns 


Ask us about w​​​​​​ebsite maintenance including updating content (blogs, events, specials) or simple mutually agreed edits, book publishing, business cards, one pagers, event set up for digital ticket purchase and marketing funnels and more! 

Soar Package: Social Media

Price Options
One-time purchase
Soar Package
$500.00every month until canceled
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